“Ray Richmond is an impeccable writer. His years as a widely respected journalist taught him how to get to the heart of any story, and now people are lucky enough to have it be their story he’s telling. I highly recommend his work.” 

— W. Bruce Cameron, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of A Dog’s Purpose

“I struggled under the burden of adapting my two-part memoir into a viable screenplay. Asking around for a collaborator, friends suggested Ray Richmond. What had been a dream developed into a vibrant and marketable script. We collaborated in the truest sense of the word. Computers open, books at hand, the script breathed life…Ray brings an open approach to creativity – listening, editing, offering suggestions, and finding that perfect word. Open and humble, he is not only a pleasure to work with, but also a pleasure to know.”

— Gail Chumbley, author, River of January and River of January: Figure Eight


“I was a fan of Ray’s as an entertainment feature writer for many years for his brilliant stories in The Hollywood Reporter. The idea that he could use his extensive storytelling chops to tell the stories of families, rather than celebrities, makes my heart smile. You should hire him.”

— Cathryn Michon, director-writer, Cook Off!

“I’ve watched Ray interact with colleagues on many writing projects. Not only is he sharp and clever, he’s also open, affable and a joy to work with. Any memoir client would be fortunate to have him telling their story.”

— Samantha Dunn, author, Not By Accident and Failing Paris


“I see Ray Richmond as a generous and curious person with unsurpassed writing skills. In fact, I now know it is his qualities of generosity and curiosity that make Ray a great writer. For Ray, writing is sharing, which shows in his drive and passion.”

— Chip Dornell, co-author, The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family

“I have worked with Ray Richmond as a writing partner, edited his work as a colleague, and enjoyed reading his lively copy on different topics for many years. He is a solid and skilled journalist and memoirist with a knack for telling intimate, personal, human stories. He is the best person I can think of to understand how important your family legacy is to you, why your story is one worth telling, and making sure it is treated with love and care. He is passionate, patient, and full of humor and great ideas.”
— Michael Goldman, NY Times Bestselling Author of John Wayne: The Genuine Article and Clint Eastwood: Master Filmmaker at Work

“Ray is one of my all-time favorite journalists. This guy knows how to tell a story!”
— Nancy Sayles, founder, The Sayles Organization PR

“Having worked with Ray Richmond on both a theatre project and a personal memoir, I would highly recommend him as a writer. Ray has an insightful point of view when it comes to summing up an experience with a turn of phrase. His concise sense of narrative structure and attention to pertinent detail lend a page-turning impulse to his writing. Creative, observant, and a general curiosity about people and their lives make him a perfect writer of memoirs.”

— Lee Costello, director, Transition